t-news Issue 83

Professional Development
TENZ Professional Learning Programme officially launched

TENZ 2015 Conference
TENZ Awards 2015 at the Green Dragon Inn

TENZ 2015 Conference
Conference opening address on the recent evolution of Technology

Technology Years 9-13
Prince views WW1 school remembrance projects

Research + Publications
Nanogirl and the Incredible World of Nanotechnology

Technology Years 9-13
Evolocity Competition Finals

TENZ 2015 Conference
TENZ 2015 Keynote Duncan Mackintosh: 'A journey to make a difference'

TENZ 2015 Conference
TENZ 2015 Keynote: 'Design and Technology in England: Lessons in Curriculum Politics'

Vocational Pathways
Engineering E2E at TENZ 2015

Amazing and innovative new machines

Enterprise and Innovation

NZGTTA News: Update November 2015

TENZ News: November 2015 Update

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