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At TENZ 2015, Moira Patterson launched the TENZ PLP - an exciting new professional development programme for Technology teachers in all areas and at all levels. Read more...


A highlight of the recent TENZ 2015 conference was the visit to 'Middle-Earth', including a meal at which the 2015 TENZ National Technology Awards were announced. Read more...


The TENZ 2015 welcome address was presented by Alister Jones, senior Deputy Vice Chancellor at Waikato University. With his ongoing interest in curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment and as chairperson of the TENZ Trust Board, Alister was the appropriate person to open the conference. Read more...


Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall viewed the work of four Year 13 Queen Margaret College students on their recent visit to the Pukeahu National War Memorial in Wellington. Read more...


Discover the world of nanotechnology with Nanogirl, AKA University of Auckland's Dr Michelle Dickinson, as she explains how the manipulation of matter invisible to the naked eye is changing our lives. Read more...


Teams from across Canterbury and Nelson will battle it out at Ruapuna from 9am to 4:30pm Saturday 28 November at Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Christchurch, competing in drag, street circuits, rolling resistance, innovation and more. Come along and support your local team. Read more...


Duncan Mackintosh, CEO of WaikatoLink Ltd and responsible for industry engagement and commercialisation for the University of Waikato, talks about innovation and enterprise in his TENZ 2015 Keynote presentation. Read more...


At the TENZ 2015 Conference, Keynote Speaker Dr David Barlex spoke on his experience of the of Design and Technology in England over the past 26 years. Read more...


The hosting of TENZ 2015 at WinTec – one of the six Metropolitan Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (Metro ITPs) in New Zealand signalled a strong Engineering E2E presence at the conference. Read more...


Amazing bridge building machine, exoskeletons, smart drones and a new Kiwi electric farm bike Read more...


The Technology Investment Network's 2015 TIN Report reveals New Zealand's TIN 200 companies collectively grew to $8.952 billion in annual revenue, a $600 million (7.3%) increase over last year. The TIN belief is that New Zealand can lead the world in the technology space by creating a community of ambitious, high growth innovative companies. Read more...


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t-news Issue 83

Professional Development
TENZ Professional Learning Programme officially launched

TENZ 2015 Conference
TENZ Awards 2015 at the Green Dragon Inn

TENZ 2015 Conference
Conference opening address on the recent evolution of Technology

Technology Years 9-13
Prince views WW1 school remembrance projects

Research + Publications
Nanogirl and the Incredible World of Nanotechnology

Technology Years 9-13
Evolocity Competition Finals

TENZ 2015 Conference
TENZ 2015 Keynote Duncan Mackintosh: 'A journey to make a difference'

TENZ 2015 Conference
TENZ 2015 Keynote: 'Design and Technology in England: Lessons in Curriculum Politics'

Vocational Pathways
Engineering E2E at TENZ 2015

Amazing and innovative new machines

Enterprise and Innovation

NZGTTA News: Update November 2015

TENZ News: November 2015 Update


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