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John Lockley goes fishing, and ponders on 'local knowledge' and shares three articles that address the importance of local knowledge of students in technology education. Read more...


Powerhouse Wind is a South Island wind turbine developer hoping to take its small-scale product to the world, with the help of investors on the crowd-sourcing platform, PledgeMe. Read more...


David Barlex backgrounds the keynote address he will present at the TENZ national conference in Hamilton in October Read more...


As events over the past few years push engineering into the headlines, more students and school-leavers are taking notice and looking for ways to engage with the profession. An ideal and proven way to introduce students to the engineering world is through the Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards, a nationwide competition that aims to increase students' awareness of the role engineering plays in everyday life. Read more...


A pilot project aimed at exciting greater student interest in engineering is about to get underway as part of the Engineering Education-to-Employment (E2E) programme. Read more...


Maker Media has a wide range of Technology-related sites; plus fake chook and CPrize. Read more...


Technology Online Facilitator Wendy Webb reports that changes have recently been implemented to the Technology Online website. Read more...


TENZ News: TENZ May 2015 Update


HETTANZ News: HETTANZ May 2015 Update


CETA May 2015 update


t-news Issue 79

Research + Publications
Local knowledge in teaching

Enterprise and Innovation
Powerhouse Wind opts for Crowdfunding

TENZ 2015 Conference
TENZ 2015: The murky waters of curriculum politics

School/Industry Links
Bringing engineering into the classroom

Vocational Pathways
The Techlink Pathways Project spawns a new pilot

Maker Media, fake chook meat and CPrize

Technology Years 9-13
Changes to the Technology Online website

TENZ News: May 2015 update

HETTANZ News: May 2015 update

NZCETA: May 2015 update


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