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The 2015 EVolocity Electric Vehicle high schools programme – expanded to include more South Island schools – was launched on Sunday 22 March and is expected to include twice as many teams as last year's hugely successful pilot. Read more...


Futureintech played a key part in supporting last month's STEAM Ahead event, which brought together teenage girls and their mothers with women who work in science, technology and engineering-related fields. Read more...


The 2015 TENZ National Conference will be held early in October at Wintec in Hamilton.The conference will provide a timely opportunity for the Metropolitan ITP Group to showcase some of the activities taking place at a tertiary education level and how they relate to possible careers for technology students. Read more...


Ex Saatchi & Saatchi CEO NZ Peter Cullinane gave the opening keynote address at the 2015 IPENZ Engineering Professions Forum outlining how he established Lewis Road Creamery. It was a personal crusade to demonstrate the value of brands in a dairy industry which has traditionally been largely focused on commodities. He also made predictions on the likely future directions for innovation in New Zealand and championed the cause of the key influential group he termed "the independents". Read more...


A presentation from the 2015 Better By Design Forum emphasising the importance of creativity and emotional connection in a technological age; a short video review of the IPENZ Centennial Year; and a quirky little computer with a LEGO case shaped like a LEGO brick. Read more...


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Technology Years 9-13
EVolocity – bigger and better!

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Superhero tech girls STEAM ahead!

TENZ 2015 Conference
Wintec welcomes TENZ 2015 delegates

Enterprise and Innovation
'Inde-Power' - the future of innovation in NZ?

Better By Design Forum, IPENZ video, Lego computer

TENZ News: April 2015 update

NZGTTA News: April 2015 update

HETTANZ News: April 2015 update

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