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Robotics is a growing activity in Christchurch and it's about to get much bigger judging by the popularity of an event at CPIT during the October school holidays. Read more...


Moira Patterson explains how opportunities to talk about concepts associated with the Technology strands and components at any level are evident in all sorts of books, especially in picture books. Read more...


The inaugural edition of the Australasian Journal of Technology Education – an online open-access journal that focusses on all aspects of Technology Education – has been published at Editor John Williams talks about this valuable new resource. Read more...


In the latest of her series of articles Kylie Merrick reflects on the quality of work from senior students, and the influence of their teacher, focussing on two students who look to be rising stars in their areas of Technology. Read more...


Catherine Johnson, Head of Faculty Technology at Rangiora High School, talks about the value of their annual exhibition of student work, and particularly of its usefulness for students and teachers alike due to the interest in the event by local industry representatives, sparked by the school's strategic goal of strengthening community links "to capture shared aspirations and local community needs". Read more...


Early this term, Digital Technologies staff and students from Wellington East Girls' College (WEGC) followed up their recent trip to the west coast of the USA with a group presentation to parents and invited guests. Read more...


This year's Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards marked the IPENZ centennial year by meeting a 50+50 target – completion and submission of 50 projects pairing school groups with practicing engineers. Read more...


A quick look at an eclectic mix of sites: Hi-Viz, ANZ Flying Start, The Deconstruction and EVolocity Read more...


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t-news Issue 75

Technology Years 9-13
Young students take robotics challenge at CPIT Bootcamp

Technology Years 1-8
Using picture books to teach young children about Technology

Research + Publications
Australasian Journal of Technology Education launched

It's amazing what students can achieve

School/Industry Links
Excellence in Technology exhibition

Technology Years 9-13
Not just another school trip!

Enterprise and Innovation
'50+50' success in Transpower Awards

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