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Kowhai Intermediate School teacher Sam Ibrahim talks about his highly successful Architects Group programme in which students apply a range of new knowledge and skills to re-design a room to solve a particular problem, then construct an accurate scale model. Read more...


When the group of 39 senior Digital Technologies students and four staff from Wellington East Girls College board their plane to visit the ICT industries and museums of San Fransisco and then Seattle, it will bring over two years detailed planning to fruition. Read more...


Moira Patterson and John Williams report on the third biannual STEM conference, held on 11 -15 July 2014 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Read more...


John Lockley presents a brief overview of current research being discussed at various levels and gatherings in the New Zealand Technology education scene. Read more...


Kylie Merrick muses over the advent of 3D printers. Read more...


In the second of her series of articles looking at integrating technology using inquiry, Ashburton Intermediate teacher Bronwyn Hortin focuses on her Term 1 programme of work using the overarching topic: Venturing into the Outdoors. Read more...


In November 2013 a Van's RV12 aircraft built by Mercury Bay Area School students took to the skies above Whitianga. Here are some links that help tell the story of this amazing project and what they are up to next. Read more...


NZGTTA News: NZGTTA September 2014 update


TENZ News: TENZ September 2014 update

Next year we have commited to the organisation of another TENZ National Technology Education conference which will be held in Hamilton from Sunday 4 October to Wednesday 7 October – put these dates in your diary now. Read more...


NZACDITT News: NZACDITT September 2014 update


HETTANZ News: HETTANZ September 2014 update


CETA Update September 2014


t-news Issue 74

Technology Years 1-8
Year 7-8 Architects Group

Technology Years 9-13
Silicon Valley here we come!

International Focus
STEM Education conference report

Research + Publications
New Zealand research in Technology education

Enterprise and Innovation
The future of conscious replication

Technology Years 1-8
Venturing into the outdoors

MBAS students begin another plane project

NZGTTA News: September 2014 update

TENZ News: September 2014 update

NZACDITT News: September 2014 update

HETTANZ News: September 2014 update

Technology Years 9-13
CETA Update September 2014


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