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Who says school holidays are boring? Certainly not Randall Grenfell and a group of his Christchurch South Intermediate Technology students. During this latest break, they took advantage of an invitation to spend a full day with the technical staff at a local Christchurch technology company. Randall outlines what a day they had! Read more...


Over the month of May, rival engineers Andy Kensington and Neil Wilkinson, from Emirates Team NZ and Oracle Team USA toured the country, revealing details about the behind-the-scenes cutting-edge technology and last-minute changes to gain a competitive edge. Read more...


The multiple qualification pathways available to young students and the key role that Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) play were key messages in a recent event that featured a presentation by second year BEngTech student and scholarship winner Allie Foote. Read more...


Kylie Merrick looks at the humble hospital gown to muse on the nature of both good and iconic design. Read more...


Tricia Winter reports on behalf of the TESAC group on the two-day PPTA Subject Association Forum held in Wellington during the recent school holiday break. Read more...


Unlike other subject areas such as Science, there are not many journals in the world which focus on research in Technology education. Fortunately, most of those that do are freely available online, and in this article, Professor P John Williams, Director, TEMS Education Research Centre at the University of Waikato does a quick survey of them. Read more...


A free STEM workshop held at CPIT during the April school holidays challenged students to use their maths, physics and programming skills to build a robot that had to tackle simulated dangerous environmental tasks. Read more...


NZGTTA News: NZGTTA May 2014 update


Brent Mawson discusses the fact that some of the most important sources of technological awareness for children in early childhood are the books that are available to them, and those read to them by their teachers. Read more...


Robots, railways and roads

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Technology Years 1-8
Authenticity is the key

Enterprise and Innovation
Battle of the Boats

Vocational Pathways
Students the focus in regional networking event

Enterprise and Innovation
Design: the good, the iconic, and the unlovely

Professional Development
Subject Association Forum report

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Technology education research journals

Technology Years 9-13
EcoBot challenge 2014

NZGTTA News: May 2014 Update

Early Childhood Education
The importance of books

Robots, railways and roads

TENZ News: May 2014 Update

NZACDITT News: May 2014 Update

HETTANZ News: May 2014 Update


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