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Planning your next Technology department trip? Well how about an 11-day hop across to America’s West Coast – this year’s destination for 43 Year 11-13 Digital Technologies students from Wellington East Girls’ College. Read more...


In this article, Brent Mawson illustrates how the technological process often emerges from children’s imaginative view of the potential of common resources. Read more...


At the end of last year New Zealand hosted the premier international Technology education research conference - PATT27: Technology Education for the Future: A Play on Sustainability. Professor John Williams (Director, Technology, Environmental, Mathematics and Science at the Education Research Centre, University of Waikato ) attended, and here presents a details summary of events. Read more...


Christchurch South Intermediate School’s Year 7 and 8 Technology group comprises 20-24 students who have Hard Materials Technology for three 80-minute lessons for a block of six weeks per year. Read more...


The Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards continue to be a popular and successful way of providing curriculum support to schools. Read more...


In early January, technophiles from around the world had an opportunity to support a New Zealand innovation being launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website by Auckland entrepreneur Sam Lee. Read more...


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t-news Issue 69

Technology Years 9-13
And this year we’re going to… Silicon Valley!

Early Childhood Education
Let’s make cars

Research + Publications
Taking advantage of international research

Technology Years 1-8
Nurturing students’ growing talent – TENZ member Randall Grenfell outlines his Y7-8 Hard Materials programme

School/Industry Links
Big things accomplished through Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards

Enterprise and Innovation
Meet meMini

TENZ News: February 2014 update

NZGTTA News: February 2014 update

NZACDITT News: February 2014 update

HETTANZ News: February 2014 update


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