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Wellington High School teachers find many benefits in promoting their Technology students’ work, both within the school and with their wider local communities. Read more...


Innovation is the focus of the newest section on the Science Learning Hub. Launched mid year, there are now three stories published – YikeBike, BioSpife, and Zealong Tea. Each story explores a contemporary New Zealand innovation from a science and technology viewpoint. Read more...


Women have much to contribute to the engineering world according to Opus Chief Technical Officer Dr Sulo Shanmuganathan in a recent IPENZ ‘Engineering Insight’ article. Read more...


A look at – a long-running non-profit site devoted to ‘riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world’. Read more...


Brent Mawson reflects on the commonly held misconception that essential skill learning has been lost with the introduction of the new Technology curriculum. Read more...


HETTANZ News: HETTANZ December 2013 update


NZGTTA News: NZGTTA December 2013 update


TENZ News: TENZ December 2013 update


NZACDITT News: NZACDITT December 2013 update


t-news Issue 68

Technology Years 9-13
Exhibitions encourage excellence

Enterprise and Innovation
Innovation – stories that inspire learning

Vocational Pathways
A woman’s touch in engineering

Webwatch ‘Ideas worth spreading’

Early Childhood Education
Has essential skill learning been lost?

HETTANZ News: December 2013 update

NZGTTA News: December 2013 update

TENZ News: December 2013 update

NZACDITT News: December 2013 update


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