Stories of Creation

In collaboration with the World of WearableArt™, Techlink presents Stories of Creativity – glimpses into the imagination, motivation and resourcefulness of wearable artists and the process they work though to design and construct their garment.

This teaching resource complements the World of WearableArt™ touring exhibition Off the Wall which showcases 30 garments from previous WOW® competitions. Techlink looks at 13 of those garments and aspects of the artists' technological development. Teachers could use this resource to support their students in many ways and suggestions on how they might focus on the newer curriculum strands – Technological Knowledge and Nature of Technology – are provided in the Teaching Notes.

The stories also serve as a source of inspiration for students. The featured artists have worked in a range of materials – such as wood, metal, fabric, wool, leather and plastic – and have come from different backgrounds to share their enthusiasm and creativity at the World of WearableArt™ Awards competition.

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Costumes from the World of WearableArt

Image credits, left to right: 'Just Hare-say', Keryn Whitney, Hastings; 'Tiki Touring', Judith Keith, Auckland; 'Put a Cork In It', Sean Purucker, United States; 'Big Mouth Speaks', Susan Holmes, Auckland; 'Perfect Pins', Hannah Gibbs and Stephen Loy, Nelson; 'Knight Rider', Annah Stretton, Morrinsville; 'Tu Tu Much', Ann Skelly, Wellington; 'The Structure of Beauty: Aotearoa', Mitsuko Makino, Japan

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